Practice Areas

Smith Moore understands an employer’s legal obligations, and we keep abreast of changes and developments in the law. We work with our clients as a trusted member of their business team, available to guide and assist whenever a need may arise. Sometimes a client may just need to run a quick issue by us, and at other times, a client may need more involvement on our part. Regardless, we are here to help and to provide our clients with the tools they need to manage their employment law issues.

  • Hiring Process – Interview Questions, Background Investigations, Drug Testing, Immigration Compliance, Offer Letters, Employment Contracts, Commission Sales Plans, Bonus Plans, Restrictive Covenants and Non-compete Agreements, and Protection of Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets
  • Employee and Management Handbooks and Manuals – Internet and Electronic Communication, Social Media, Privacy Policies, Workplace Monitoring, Discrimination/Harassment Prevention and Complaint Process, Disability Accommodations, Anti-Retaliation, Attendance, Alcohol and Drug Testing, Immigration, Rules and Standards of Conduct, Vacation, Leaves of Absence, Family Medical Leave, Military Leaves, Wage, Hour, and Overtime, and Discipline and Terminations
  • Performance Management, Discipline and Terminations – Performance Evaluations, Performance Improvement Plans, Disciplinary Documentation, Termination Paperwork, Severance Agreements and Pay, and Unemployment Claims
  • Review and/or Development of a Non-discriminatory Employee Selection Process, Adverse Impact Analysis, WARN Act Requirements, Communication Package for Impacted Employees, and Severance Agreements
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and State Leave Laws – Eligibility, Medical Certifications, Employee Notice and Posting Requirements, Recordkeeping, Failure to Return From Leave, and FMLA Discrimination
  • Military Leaves of Absence – FMLA, Veterans Benefits Improvement Act (VBIA), and Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act and State Laws – Department of Labor Complaints and Audits, Classification of Employees as Exempt/Non-Exempt, Unpaid Overtime, Working off the Clock, Meal Breaks, Rest Periods, Tip Pooling, Travel Time, Fluctuating Work Week, Wage Deductions, Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors, Managing the Independent Contractor Relationship, Independent Contractor Contracts, Risk Assessments, and Solutions for Wage and Hour Concerns and Violations
  • Management Training – Basic Management, Interviewing and Hiring, Discipline and Performance Management, Discrimination – Management’s Obligations, Harassment – How to Identify a Complaint, a Manager’s Obligations, Management Exposure and Individual Liability, Conducting Internal Discrimination/Harassment Investigations and Appropriate Disciplinary Action, Wage and Hour Matters – Management’s Responsibilities – How to Avoid Costly Lawsuits, Family Medical Leave Act, and Americans with Disabilities Act – Accommodations and the Interactive Process
  • Employee Training – Discrimination and Harassment, Workplace Diversity, Sensitivity, Respect for Others, and Workplace Rules and Standards of Conduct
  • Internal, EEOC, or State Agency Harassment/Discrimination Complaints or Charges – Fact Investigations, Discipline and/or Appropriate Remedial Action, Position Statements, Respond to Agency Subpoenas and Requests for Production of Documents, On-site Investigations, EEOC Conciliations, and Mediations
  • Neutral Fact Investigations for Attorneys or Non-Clients-Independent Third-Party Fact Investigations, Investigation Reports, Recommend Discipline and/or Appropriate Remedial Action, and Availability To Testify as a Witness