Naomi is a practicing employment attorney with roughly twenty years of experience in employment law. She is currently a Managing Partner at Smith Moore Attorneys LLC, an employment law boutique. She attended mediation training at the University of Georgia Fanning Institute in 2008.

In addition to her training as a neutral, Naomi’s professional experience makes her the ideal mediator for employment-related disputes. Naomi has a solid business background and in-house legal department experience at The Home Depot. She also has a traditional employment law firm background where she represented both employers and employees, which has given her real-world insight into the perspectives of both the plaintiff and the defendant.

Naomi is an active mediator who assists and challenges the parties to recognize the strengths, weaknesses, and values of their cases, as well as the risks of not reaching a settlement through mediation. Her tenacity, persistence, interpersonal skills, ability to identify legal issues, and understanding of the underlying motives and concerns of the parties contribute to her success as a mediator.

If you are interested in scheduling a mediation with Naomi or are interested in learning more about her mediation practice, please e-mail her at or call her office at 404-378-0117.